Results of Final Product

Colossal Image Printing Corporation fully understands that each of our valued customers has individual needs and preferences. Unless accompanied with specific instructions and/or a positive proof of the image as a guideline prior to services rendered, our professional staff will use their best judgment and industry standards to produce the final result. All fine art print include a 8"X10" prepress proof at the cost of $20 each, which will be credited upon completion of final order.

Payment Terms

All transactions are cash on delivery unless the client has a previously established account with us. Tax exempt client must have a valid copy of resale certificate and a signed ST-3 form on file. All orders over $100 must receive 50% deposit in advance, and balance due once it is completed (not shipped). There are no refund, exchange nor return. All returned checks will have a $40 charge. All past due account will be submitted to collection agency or claim court. A minimum finance charge of $250 up to 25% of the past due amount will be added if amount to be claimed by collection agency and county court.

Trade, Group, and Non-Profit

We provide special rate for wholesale, educational institute and non-profit group. You must provide legitimate documentation before order was placed. A signed ST-3 form must be on file to waive sale tax. If we found the document is fraudulent, we will revoke your special rate and regular price will be charged. Payment must be made by company check or corporate credit card, no personal checks or credit card will be accepted.

Shipping, Pick-up and Delivery

No package will be shipped, mailed or delivered until payment is secured. Shipping information must be clear. Delivery address, contact name and phone number are all required to insure proper shipping. We assumes no liability for the handling of finishing work or originals by shippers. Client must insure their work.

Liability of Customers

Any form of material submitted to Colossal Image Printing Corporation for services automatically binds you to a legal agreement that any potential loss or damages to the material will not be held responsible by Colossal Image Printing Corporation. Colossal Image Printing Corporation also assumes no responsibility for any potential loss or damages to the material incurred during the delivery process to and from the customer via postal mail or the Internet.

Copyright Notice and Releases

All copyright matters on materials submitted to Colossal Image Printing Corporation are solely the customer's responsibility. Colossal Image Printing Corporation's acceptance of any material, in any form via postal mail or the Internet or personal delivery, automatically and legally releases us from any copyright violation associated with the material.

Images and content posted on our web site, www.colossalimage.com, cannot be copied nor used for commercial or personal purposes without a formal, written consent by Colossal Image Printing Corporation.

Refusal of Service, and Right to Obliterate

Colossal Image Printing Corp. reserves the right to refuse service to any customer under any circumstances. Archiving images and files is a courtesy service, and does not bind us to any legal responsibility. We reserve the right to delete any archived image if the customer's account is 60 days past due or is not in good terms with us.

Privacy Policy

Any information provided to Colossal Image Printing Corporation from our customers and visitors of our website are strictly kept and used for internal purposes only. Colossal Image Printing Corporation is against releasing private information to third parties. All IP addresses are logged for internal marketing and security purpose only.

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